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Mark Hoppus Sends A Message To Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong: “I Wish Them Nothing But Health And Success”

There are more than a few parallels between stalwart modern punk bands Green Day and Blink-182. Both are power trios who rose to prominence in the 1990s on the back of catchy and infectious pop-punk […]



Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus: “You Can Just Tell Obama And Romney Do Not Like One Another At All”

During a recent interview with CBS Local, Blink-182 bassist/singer Mark Hoppus expressed frustration with the current political climate in America, particularly in regards to the contentious 2012 Presidential race between Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.


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Mark Hoppus On Blink-182: “We’re Starting To Write The New Record Right Now”

Stalwart SoCal pop-punks Blink-182 have had a rough go since a bitter break-up in 2005 when singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band to devote more time to side projects like Angels & Airwaves. But after […]



Owl City’s Adam Young On Working With Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus: “I Can’t Believe He’s On My Song.”

Gearing up for the release of his album The Midsummer Station, Owl City’s Adam Young revealed to CBS Local what it was like working with one of his musical heroes: blink-182’sMark Hoppus. “I’ve been a […]


Stefan Lessard / Mark Hoppus (Rob Loud/Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Dave Matthews Band Bassist Talks New Album, Twitter Beef With Mark Hoppus

Fans of the Dave Matthews Band now have a month to look forward to as they patiently wait for the band’s new studio album. In an interview with Mix 104.1/Boston DMB bassist Stefan Lessard revealed […]



Happy Birthday Mark Hoppus, Pop-Punk’s Court Jester

Way back in 1972, as the earth’s crust was cooling, and Russian scientists were talking about sending a monkey to the moon, a little boy was born in the sleepy California town of Crumville. Although […]



Mark Hoppus From Blink-182 Inspired By Beatles, Shakespeare

[pullquote quote=”I’m going to be the biggest Beatles geek when I get to Liverpool.”]Blink-182 might be the quintessential kings of California-style pop-punk, but bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus has moved to England for a year. […]