Matt & Kim


Matt & Kim Admit Some Interesting Sexual Preferences

If we were playing a game of skeletons in the closet, Matt & Kim would win, mostly because their candid interview style is as colorful as their live performances.



Matt & Kim On Touring With Blink-182: “I Was Trying To Saran-Wrap Tom DeLonge’s Toilet.”

It would be impossible, but if anyone were to try and contain the electric energy that is indie-pop duo Matt & Kim, their Hurricane Sandy stricken residence of New York would have no power issues. Everyone would be warmed by the friendly furnace that is Kim’s laughter or sit by the light of Matt’s mischievous grin.



Matt & Kim’s Very Intimate (And Almost-NSFW) Tattoo Tour

During a recent interview with CBS Local, ridiculously adorable indie rock duo Matt & Kim gave a very intimate tour of drummer Kim Schifino’s tattoos that bordered on being “Not Safe For Work,”



Matt & Kim Make Awkward Family Photos In New “Let’s Go” Video

No one is safe in a world where thousands of family photos circumnavigate the internet every second. What you thought was just going to end up as a photo safe in your uncle’s wallet, was […]



Matt & Kim Stream New Album “Lightning” In Its Entire – Listen Now

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are the New York duo simply known as Matt & Kim. The self-proclaimed DIY artists are set to release their fourth album Tuesday, titled Lightning, which can be previewed in […]


Bonnaroo Day Two: Arcade Fire, Lil Wayne, My Morning Jacket, And More teams from Chicago, Atlanta and Cleveland are battling the hot Tennessee sun to cover Bonnaroo all weekend long. Bonnaroo Day Two: Arcade Fire, Lil Wayne, & Moreview gallery Day two of Bonnaroo heated things up with […]