Matt And Kim

Matt and Kim

Interview: Matt and Kim Are Indie, But Not Boring

“On stage you can see we’re enjoying ourselves, because we are enjoying ourselves. And we want to show it.”



Join HFS at the Silopanna Music Festival

Check out the line up for this year’s Silopanna Music Festival! Tickets go on sale now!



Eager Rock Stars Hit The Voting Booth And Proudly Tweet About It

Politicians aren’t the only ones who believe this election could be the most important of our lifetime. Throngs of outspoken rock stars are eager to show they’re taking part in the system and want you […]



The Ball Is In Your Court With New Matt And Kim Video For “Let’s Go”

Last week, Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim teased a new single “Let’s Go” from their forthcoming album Lightning. The sneak peek came in the form of Matt shooting a basketball one-handed and getting nothing but net. […]