Green Day’s New Album Is All About SEX!

  GREEN DAY thinks their next album will be the most unbelievably amazing, transcendent album . . . EVER.


“My Room Mate is DOING IT too Much! I Wanna DIE!”

A 22-year-old woman is suing her former college, Stonehill College in Massachusetts, because . . . her roommate’s NONSTOP SEX made her SUICIDAL.  She says her roommate would have sex and explicit video chats with […]


Vocalist Chris Martin of British alternative rock band Coldplay

Chris Martin Of Coldplay Is A Guitar Nerd, Too!

I fully admit to being a guitar &  guitar pedal nerd.  At last count, I have in the neighborhood of 25 guitars.  Which admittedly is a little bit on the silly side for a few […]


How cool would this be!

Gadget Geeks Get Ready For Google Glasses….

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Maynard will probably buy these.  I have a few minor & ridiculous obsessions- those being over-priced sunglasses,tech gadgets and mini RC Helicopters (don’t ask).   This little gem speaks to 2 out […]


Matt Cardy/Getty Images Tracks Sex & Romance Around The World On Valentine’s Day

Candy hearts, flowers, and champagne are all just details, but there’s one thing that makes Valentine’s Day actually work, and that’s music. has broken down worldwide music plays to see who’s listening the most […]