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Rome Ramirez Of Sublime With Rome Joins Neci

Neci got to chat with Rome from Sublime with Rome. Needless to say she’s pumped for Sublime with Rome to come to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor at Pier 6 Pavilion on July 17th.


Sublime (Courtesy Skunk Records)

Sublime Unearths 1995 Concert For New ‘3 Ring Circus’ Live Album: Listen Now

The raucous live set was recorded just 7 months before the untimely death of frontman Bradley Nowell at the age of 28, and includes many of the band’s biggest hits, including their version of reggae song “Smoke 2 Joints.”


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Neci’s Alt-Rock Work Out Playlist

Neci loves to work out…but if the music isn’t right, neither is her workout.


Lollapalooza 1993: Alice in Chains

Top 10 Rock Star Drug Overdoses

On the surface, rock ‘n roll superstardom looks like a teenage fantasy come true



Rome On Dealing With Haters: “I will Always See Sublime As Bud, Brad And Eric”

It’s not easy being Rome. While he gets to live out childhood rock dreams by performing with members of Sublime, he’s fully aware that by doing so, he’s going to catch a lot of resistance […]


Courtesy of Fueled by Ramen

Smoke Two Joints: Rome On Singing Bradley Nowell’s Sublime Songs

During an exclusive conversation with CBS Local, Rome Ramirez remembered the first time he got onstage to perform songs like “What I Got” and “Wrong Way,” which were made famous by one of his heroes, […]



Rome Ramirez Has Only One Skill: “I Have To Make Music Or I’m In Trouble”

For 24-year-old Rome Ramirez, being picked to front legendary Long Beach ska-rock outfit Sublime was nothing less than a dream come true.