Youngblood Hawke

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Youngblood Hawke Talks With HFS At Firefly

Josie got a chance to sit down with with Sam, Simon, Tasso, Nik and Alice of Youngblood Hawke. This indie rock group is out of the LA music scene, even though Nik is from the East Coast.


Youngblood Hawke

This Just In: Youngblood Hawke “Stars (Hold On)”

Today, we ask your opinion of Youngblood Hawke’s next single, “Stars (Hold On)”. Listen, then chime in!


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These Leading Ladies Of Rock Will Change Music In 2013

Drummers, trumpet players, guitar heroines – the current class of women in rock go far beyond the traditional sexy lead singer role, although there are a few of those, too. With the advent of 2013, […]


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Youngblood Hawke Forms Eternal Bond, Plays Jokes On Passion Pit

Youngblood Hawke can’t seem to say enough nice things about the guys in Passion Pit.


Youngblood Hawke

Youngblood Hawke On Their Favorite Films And Matching Tattoos

What do a fantasy film starring David Bowie, a heartwarming tale of survival, and jello-jiggling dinosaurs have in common? They are all components of some of the favorite flicks of “We Come Running” wunderkinds Youngblood […]



Youngblood Hawke: Back-up Dancers For Rihanna Any Day

Los Angeles-based Youngblood Hawke might seem like your favorite local band-next-door, but the “We Come Running” hitmakers have a few surprises up their sleeves including what they wanted to be when they grew up, some […]



Youngblood Hawke – From Garbage Man Aspirations To Rock Star Reality

Let the sunshine in. Los Angeles-based five-piece Youngblood Hawke are the quintessential summer band; playful, radiant, and joyous. Their carefree sound illuminates the innate goodness of life–if only for the four minute span of their […]